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Thai-New Zealand Centre

Whether you live in Thailand or somewhere else in Southeast Asia, and you want to improve your English language skills effectively and efficiently, here’s some good news. Auckland University of Technology (AUT), a major university in New Zealand, in collaboration with Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), has launched the Thai-New Zealand Centre (TNZC) in Thailand, with the aim of offering intensive English courses for businesspeople, undergraduate and college students, and the general public.

RMUTT-Thailand-AUT have collaborated to create the Thai-New Zealand Centre. This new educational centre offers local students the best of both academic environments.

Initially, TNZC will develop your English language skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. All lessons are prepared and delivered by certified instructors from New Zealand.

Thai-New Zealand Collaboration

Not only a significant milestone in the bilateral relationship between New Zealand and Thailand, but a great way to enhance the standard of Thai education.


The opportunity to jointly upgrade and develop educational standards through the establishment of an advanced education centre under the auspices of both institutions.

Our Goal

Our long-term goal is to work with AUT and be New Zealand’s educational hub in the ASEAN region.

Messages from Dean

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nartraphee Tancho, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, RMUTT

“The creation of the English development courses of the TNZC is focused on learners’ English knowledge and ability. Students will be divided into classes of 25 so they can have close contact with the teachers. 

The courses are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their English intensively, be the students, people who want to go to study in New Zealand or other countries, entrepreneurs, government officers, state enterprise officers, or private organisation management and staff.”

Messages from Ambassador

Mr. Taha Macpherson Ambassador, New Zealand Embassy in Thailand

“The establishment of the TNZC is an opportunity to deliver some of our education services directly to Thai students and Thais who are interested in developing their English language using New Zealand teachers. 

It will allow more Thais to actually access the instruction without having to travel to study English in New Zealand.”

Messages from Founder

Associate Professor Dr. Prasert Pinpathomrat, Senator, and former RMUTT President

“As for future plans, we will be collaborating on Master’s and Doctorate Degree courses. Moreover, there will be short- and long-term courses focusing on vocational areas that are aligned with 10 target industries specified in relevant government policies. 

AUT and RMUTT are both institutions of technology, and this cooperation will benefit RMUTT through exchanges of academic knowledge and co-developed research.”

Video Tour Thai-New Zealand Centre

Take a tour in TNZC and you will find the best academy in Thailand. The video will take you to every places in this academy.

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